Abdelaziz Alhanaee

Holds a BA in Law from Dubai Police Academy. Abdelaziz Alhanaee practicing law since 2002 and he was a partner and head of litigation at Habib Al Mulla & Company (currently Baker & McKenzie.Habib Al Mulla) for over eight years. His experience prior to that was in the Ministry of Interior for seven years.

Abdelaziz Alhanaee is specialized in Corporate and Commercial Law, handling criminal, civil and commercial cases. Alhanaee is licensed to appear before Emirate level and Federal Courts (Court of First Instance, Appeal Court, Court of Cassation and The Supreme Court).


Commitment of the maritime carrier
Money laundering
Enforcement of foreign judgments
Obligation of banks in the management of Securities
The Rent Law problem
Marine Pollution
Internet Crimes
Cheques Cases
Federal national council
Unfair Competition
How responsible is the engineer
Precautionary attachment
The criminal procedure in the UAE
Arbitration and Misconception
Enforcement of foreign judgments in the UAE
Responsibility of partner and manager in limited liability companies