Practice Areas


Obeid & Medawar’s practice spans from basic consultation to the widest spectrum of legal services, for individuals and corporate institutions, covering every sector and industry. Operations are carried out through three main departments within the Firm:

  • I. The Consultation Department
  • II. The Litigation, Arbitration and Alternative Disputes Resolution Department
  • III. Legislative Practice
Obeid & Medawar’s main departments extensively cover a wide range of practice areas including but not limited to:

  • Corporate and Commercial Law
  • Civil Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Labor Law
  • Family Law
  • Real Estate and Construction Law
  • International Law
  • Insurance and Reinsurance
  • Banking and Finance Law
  • Aviation and Maritime Law
  • Mergers and Acquisition
  • Wealth Management
  • Investment Funds and Fund Advisor
  • Intellectual Property
  • Oil and Gas
  • Lender Liability
  • Media and Advertising
The consultation department The consultation department operates through 6 major divisions. These divisions are the basis on which Obeid & Medawar presents its multidisciplinary and unprecedented legal services:

  • 1. The Corporate division
  • 2. The Commercial division
  • 3. The Real Estate and Construction division
  • 4. The Banking & Finance division
  • 5. The Insurance & Reinsurance division
  • 6. The Administrative Law division

Corporate Division

A rigorous team of specialized corporate lawyers services Obeid & Medawar’s portfolio of well-established clientele. The Firm’s savvy and experienced lawyers have in depth understanding in the corporate laws and practice in Lebanon, the UAE, and the neighboring markets.

The division provides a wide spectrum of services for all matters related to structuring, establishing and sustaining corporate ventures in Lebanon, the UAE, and the region.

Obeid & Medawar team analyzes Clients’ business requirements and study their strategies and objectives on the short, medium and long term prior to recommending an adequate business structure and the most convening procedures of implementation.

Proposed structures vary to include initial public offerings, establishment of public or private joint stock companies, limited liability companies, offshore companies, holding companies, branches and representative offices, foundations, trusts, and all other forms of structures…

The corporate team handles the thorough process of preparing the required documents including but not limited to: by-laws, memorandums and articles of association, acquisitions documentation, sale of shares agreements, shareholder agreements, partnership agreements and sponsorship agreements…

The team’s vast expertise allows it to provide on-going legal advice in every conceivable business sector and corporate matter, including the full range of complex mergers and acquisitions’ transactions (M&A) covering public company mergers, acquisitions, tenders and offers, stock and asset acquisition, private equity and leveraged buyout transactions, joint ventures…

Mergers and Acquisitions

O&M has exten¬sive experience in many sophisticated M&A transactions. The Firm represents all key players in M&A transactions, including strategic and financial buyers and sellers, as well as targets, private equity investors and leveraged buyout groups, independent board committees, financial advisors and financial institutions providing debt and equity acquisition financing.

• Public company mergers, acquisitions and tender offers
• Stock and asset acquisitions and divestitures of privately owned companies and divisions and subsidiaries of public and private companies
• Private equity and leveraged buyout transactions
• Joint ventures and other alliances
• Cross-border M&A transactions
• Privatizations

O&M international team has substantial experience in M&A transactions. Our M&A lawyers combine their expertise with that of our tax, employee benefits, intellectual property and real estate practices’ lawyers to counsel our clients on the wide range of complex issues that arise in these transactions.

Obeid & Medawar’s widespread experience covers various industries including energy, construction, oil and gas concessions (including project finance and other related agreements), telecommunications, mining, pharmaceuticals, financial services, medical devices, insurance and reinsurance, and many others. The services of the division also extend to private equities, venture capital funds’ structuring, due diligence reporting in addition to all required paralegal services and corporate secretarial work.

a- Private Clients
Obeid & Medawar offers specialized services for private family businesses. Grouping the various specialties of its diversified team, Obeid & Medawar offers customized legal services to its private Clients, involving customary corporate reengineering, business structuring, overseeing the administration, tax, estate and inheritance planning, real estate and other investment related legal services.

b- Private Funds
The Firm provides advice to private funds clients including fund creation, management, structuring, and implementing while ensuring that all regulatory disciplines are respected. Obeid & Medawar’s services cover various types of funds such as buyout, venture capital, real estate, and others… The Firm’s team acts as all-time advisors for all matters related to funds from creation and management to exit.

Investment Fund and Fund Advisor

O&M has a wide experience in representing and advising on private equity funds, venture funds, hedge funds, mutual funds, and fund managers and provides its clients with a distinctive negotiations advantage. This includes insolvency and restructuring; allegations of improper fund management, and other complex financial disputes.

O&M is aware of the Venture Capitals emerging and their importance in the international market and their advantages comparing to the private equity funds whether regarding their effectiveness, simplicity or rapidity etc…

O&M represents one of the two largest funds in Lebanon.

c- Corporate Governance
In emerging and rapidly evolving markets corporate governance and risk oversight sits at the forefront of corporate matters.

Obeid & Medawar has a dedicated team that draws on its profound expertise in various practices to offer uncontested advice on risk, compensation and corporate governance matters.

The Firm offers counseling for public and private organizations on liability, indemnification and insurance issues relating to executives, directors and officers.

Obeid & Medawar addresses the review of private or other transactions presenting potential conflicts of interest and carries out internal investigation of any wrongdoing within Clients’ corporations whenever deemed necessary. The Firm’s team provides preemptive advice to reduce the risk of arising litigation.

Wealth Management

The team has an extensive knowledge in tax law. O&M’s team always proposes the best tax structure to its clients and the most beneficial structure for their corporate entities or personal assets management in Lebanon and abroad. O&M has a wide experience in establishing trusts, foundations and all different types of partnerships. With its high knowledge regarding the tax havens field, the team advises its clients on the optimal establishment locations for their offshore companies.

Benefiting of strong connections in Liechtenstein, Seychelles, BVI, Mauritius Islands and other tax havens, O&M masters this field and continually ensures the best arrangements for all investors and groups.

Media and Advertising

O&M’s lawyers have a deep experience involving every aspect of the advertising and media industries and an in-depth understanding of the unique character of the said fields.

O&M represents one of the leading companies in The Media and Entertainment field as well as the pioneer ticketing company in Lebanon.

Aviation, Maritime Law and Ports

O&M team has an extensive experience in aviation and maritime law. The firm assists its international clients in the various legal fields, including but not limited to: the financing, the insurance, the sale/purchase of aircrafts and ships, aircrafts handling as well as airports and ports management, etc…

Employment Litigation and Counseling

The commercial division services include offering complete and tailored solutions to Clients in implementing their strategic objectives helping them manage their current workforces and advising on the employment and labor laws in the Lebanese market.

In this respect, O&M’s commercial team of lawyers counsels individuals, small and large companies and institutions in every sector or industry regarding employee-employer issues.

Expert lawyers assist the Clients in assessing situations and in anticipating and containing issues from any arising conflict. Using creative approaches and solutions, O&M team preempts, manages and solves a wide array of employment related issues for clients.

O&M’s employment division also advises corporate management on various other issues involving recruitment, promotion, corporate disciplinary measures and termination of employment, drafting of company’s internal regulations, developing personnel policies and applications and procedures in addition to all types of employment and confidentiality agreements.

Family Law

One of the Firm’s specialized areas of practice is the Family and Adoption Division which handles all matters related to adoption, court marriages, special/foreign marriages, divorce, custody, citizenship/immigration, wills and probate, trust and estates, as well as child support.

The Commercial Division

The Firm’s commercial services are handled by a team of highly specialized lawyers skilled in drafting and negotiating various types of agreements. The team has the required knowhow in trademark licensing agreements, software licensing agreements, supply, distribution and sales of goods agreements, franchising agreements, joint ventures agreements, agency agreements, consultancy agreements, employment agreements, management services agreements etc.

The commercial team also provides advice on intellectual property rights and the protection of trademarks, copyrights and patents under the Lebanese, Emirati, and equally on a global scale. The team manages the submission of registration applications for such intellectual property and handles all the required procedures to enforce any rights against infringements.

The commercial division services include offering full support to clients in implementing their strategic objectives at the level of managing their workforces and advising on employment and labor laws on the Lebanese, Emirati, and the GCC market.

Intellectual Property

The commercial team also provides advice on intellectual property rights and the protection of trademarks, copyrights and patents under both the Lebanese and foreign laws on a global scale. The team manages the submission of registration applications for such intellectual property and handles all the required procedures to enforce any rights against infringements..

Franchise (Commercial Agencies)

O&M advises, supports and represents many key players in the region in several business sectors especially the Food and Beverage and Fashion. O&M team represents and supports numerous Franchisors by protecting great ideas and know-how, and many Franchisees as well by ensuring easy and trouble-free management and operations. Services include Importing and Exporting Know-How, commercial Trademarks among others.

The Real Estate & Construction Division

A proficient team specialized in real estate and construction at Obeid & Medawar provides individual and corporate Clients with pertinent advising and representation in that field.

The construction division covers all major standards and conventions in the construction sector including the Fédération Internationale des Ingénieurs-Conseils or the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (“FIDIC”) agreements. The team advises on construction agreements governing the relationship between the employer, the developer, the consultant, the designer, the engineer, the architect and the contractor or sub-contractors.

Moreover Obeid & Medawar handles acquisitions and sales agreements, leasing agreements and joint venture agreements.

The long list of services offered by the division extends legal advice for the development of new and existing real estate projects involving the drafting and reviewing of plots and unit sales, purchase agreements, leasehold agreements, brokerage agreements, sales and marketing agreements, common facilities regulations, association constitution, facility management agreements and maintenance agreements, etc.

The scope of services also includes offering legal advice to private clients on all legal aspects of their real estate property investments in Lebanon and the UAE.

Additionally, the Firm also undertakes structuring for new buyouts of real estate, land and property for Local and foreign investors, ensuring all legal aspects are covered and are in compliance with the laws and regulations especially regarding acquisitions by foreigners.

The Banking & Finance Division

Obeid & Medawar represents some of the largest banking institutions in Lebanon.

The firm’s dedicated Banking and Finance division team has the skill-set and expertise to offer clients a wide array of legal services including opining on financial regulations, financial litigation, debt recovery and recovery on defaulted financing, targeted risk management advice, insolvency, and generally all types of investment, financial and commercial products, finance and leasing arrangements, trade projects and corporate financing arrangements as well as equity and loan finance.

Obeid & Medawar’s team of specialists is resourceful and adept at dealing with a wide range of matters and issues for any proposed activities and ventures.

The Insurance And Reinsurance Division

Years of successful outcomes in the insurance coverage sector and industry position well Obeid & Medawar insurance team to offer commendable advice and support for leading regional and international insurance and reinsurance companies, underwriters, brokers, financial institutions, governments as well as policy-holders for basic and major claims in all aspects of general insurance, property casualty, life and non-life products.

The Firm represents some of the major insurance and reinsurance companies as well as Third Party Administration companies (TPAs) in Lebanon and the region.

Obeid & Medawar has served as lead counsel on motor, construction, medical, theft, loss, fire, life, transportation and many other insurance agreements and lawsuits.

The Administrative Division

Obeid & Medawar’s team of lawyers acts as a legal advisor for government bodies and institutions such as the Lebanese Parliament and the Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR) in Lebanon.

Obeid & Medawar consults regularly for governmental institutions and public entities for administrative laws and regulations and contract matters.

The Firm’s vast experience in almost every sector of every industry positions it to offer uncontested advice across the various regulatory disciplines locally, regionally, and globally both in litigation and in the mastership of regulatory issues that confront government entities.

Obeid & Medawar’s services include drafting projects of law, opining in administrative activities including public works expropriation, requisition, public employment, and other related matters.

The Firm’s diversified portfolio of clients has expanded to include a growing number of regional clienteles. O&M represents groups that venture into acquiring concessions in many territories and emerging markets, in various fields (such as High Security Printing (Passports, biometrics), Telecom and Telecom infrastructure (GSM, WIMAX, ISP International gateways), Lottery and Casinos, Electricity and Power Generation), Ports, Airports and Aircrafts handling.

The Firm has gained extensive expertise across borders through its involvement in drafting, reviewing, consulting and negotiating several concession agreements (PPP, PFI, BOT…) with governmental authorities (such as the Ministries of Finance, Interior, Foreign Affairs, Transportation…) particularly regarding issues such as the grant of concessions, grace periods, favorable tax regimes and exemptions, repatriation of funds, profit sharing with the authority, etc…

II- The Litigation, Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution(“ADR”) Department

Obeid & Medawar’s Litigation, Arbitration and ADR team is renowned for its deep expertise and capabilities in various sectors and law disciplines, having earned a solid reputation through repeated successes winning numerous litigations and arbitrations and high profile disputes.

This Department offers legal advice through 3 divisions:

1. The Litigation Division
2. The Arbitration and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards Division
3. The Alternative Dispute Resolution Division

• The Litigation Division
Obeid & Medawar’s team handles the complete litigation procedure in the domestic, regional, and international markets. The scope of the litigation practice includes Courts of First Instance, Courts of Appeal and Supreme Courts in commercial and/or Civil transactions, leases, construction and real estate, antitrust, banking and financial services, corporate and securities, employment, fraud and asset recovery, insolvency, insurance and reinsurance, intellectual property, international trade and transport including aviation and marine, information technology, media, product liability as well as professional liability.

One of the Firm’s specialized areas of practice is the Family and Adoption Division which handles all matters related to adoption, court marriage, special/foreign marriage, divorce, custody, citizenship/immigration, wills and probate, trust and estates, as well as child support.

• The Arbitration and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards Division

1- The Arbitration
Obeid & Medawar’s team is proficient at conducting arbitrations on local, regional and international scales. The Firm draws on its resourcefulness in designing most adequate dispute resolution mechanisms for all types of disputes including some of the most complex multi-jurisdiction disputes. Obeid & Medawar’s team represents clients from various fields and industries and arbitrates for either defendants or plaintiffs and for individuals or companies or larger scale institutions, as well as for and against governments in investment disputes in many developing markets.

The practice covers both Ad hoc and institutional arbitration before the leading arbitral institutions of Lebanon (CCIAB) and of the world such as the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), the Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC) and the Cour Commune de Justice et d’Arbitrage (CCJA) Obeid & Medawar also handles ad hoc proceedings, often governed by the ICC Rules, the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) Rules, the IBA rules, the rules of the Organisation pour l’Harmonization en Afrique du Droit des Affaires (OHADA).

The scope of the arbitration practice includes but is not limited to:

- Pre-arbitral proceedings.
- Arbitral proceedings including preparation and drafting of arbitral documents: Statement of Client / Statement of defense counterclaim / etc)
- Attending Hearings.

Obeid &Medawar’s team works closely with the clients to ensure obtaining the best possible results and when a settlement is possible, to make sure it is reached in the best interest of the firm’s clients.

Obeid & Medawar’s specialized team handles all aspects of the arbitration practice in a multitude of fields such as:

commercial transactions, leases, construction and real estate, antitrust, banking and financial services, corporate and securities, employment, fraud and asset recovery, insolvency, insurance and reinsurance, intellectual property, international trade and transport including aviation and marine, information technology, media, product liability as well as professional liability.

Obeid & Medawar’s lawyers advocated in numerous Lebanese, regional, and international arbitrations, involving construction, contracts for works, financial and commercial disputes, and acted both as counsel, and as arbitrators.

2- Enforcement of Arbitral Awards

Obeid & Medawar is specialized in the enforcement of local and international arbitral awards on the territory where the arbitral award is rendered and outside said territory.

The scope of the enforcement procedure covers all the steps leading to the full execution of the award and the recovery of monies including but not limited to:
- Debtor’s Asset Tracing report
- Acquiring the writ of execution or exequatur of the arbitral award (if needed) in the countries where the enforcement is required i.e. the territories where the debtor has assets.
- Contacting and coordinating with local counsel to start the enforcement procedure according to local laws and regulations.

The Alternative Dispute Resolution Division

Whenever applicable, Obeid & Medawar assists its Clients in resorting to Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR), outside the courtroom through mediation and negotiation before local and international institutions including but not limited to CCIAB – LCIA.

  III- The Legislative Practice

As the Lebanese Parliament’s legal counsel, Obeid & Medawar’s involvement in major draft laws in Lebanon has set the firm apart from other Lebanese law firms and has also allowed it to work closely with the Ministry of Finance, and with the Industry and Energy Parliamentary Committee in addition to several governmental bodies and syndicates, to name a few:

- Drafting and reviewing the laws and decrees regarding the creation of a capital market authority and other regulatory matters related to the financial markets.
- Drafting and reviewing the projects of decrees related to the application of the Consumer Protection Law regarding Recall Campaigns and Security of Products.
- Drafting and reviewing a law project regarding the supply of electricity by municipalities.
- Drafting and Reviewing of application decrees for the Value Added Tax Refund (VAT) in Lebanon.
- Commenting and opining on the project of Law regulating and organizing the Insurance and Reinsurance field in Lebanon.
- Commenting and opining on the current laws and regulations related to the telecommunication sector in Lebanon.